About Guanghua Qidi

Guanghua Qidi College is a personalized academy as the subsidiary of Guanghua Education Group which has accumulated experience in international education for many years. Since the first campus was formally established in April 2015, we have been contributing to providing the Chinese students with the personalized and diversified international education in the frame of the one-stop service system.

For the purpose of cultivating and enhancing the academic competitiveness and cultural adaptability of Chinese students who aim in enrolling in the world's prestigious universities in the future, every mentor from Guanghua Qidi has been adhering to the belief of ‘teaching students according to their aptitude’. Since we introduced the concept of ‘School of One’ into China for the first time, we have been making efforts to apply this unique concept into our personalized pedagogy to prepare high school students who have the aspiration and necessary skills to become the lifelong learners and leaders.


Offer (Oxford & Cambridge)

Class of 2019:5 (Oxford:2;Cambridge:3)

Class of 2020:4 (Cambridge:4)

Class of 2021:6 (Oxford:1;Cambridge:5)

Class of 2022:8 (Cambridge:8)

Sampling of College and University Placement 2016-2021

We do not rank students. The following table is provided as a reference in comparing students’ external exam performances.

Distribution of "A Level" assessment results(2021)


All courses are taught in English.

Most exams are through Cambridge Assessment International Education(CAIE)、Pearson Edexcel and Oxford International AQA Examinations.